The Ozify Story

The Ozify Flip Flop project

was born on one of the most iconic beaches in the world, Bondi (Sydney, Australia).


Created, developed and patented by two Australians Mark Ninio and Michael Kinchington, along with Guy Rapp, an international shoe merchant who was heading an Australasian Dancewear Company. Michael and Mark designed a flip flop (thong) that not only looked good but felt good.


Using knowledge of foot-ankle biomechanics, requests from patients and by researching foot shape-morphology so evolved a concept flip flop.


Ozify incorporated arch support, rearfoot tilt, heel elevation, dual density comfort, a uniquely designed toe piece and straps that hold the feet secure.


Design and Testing


After many months of design and testing a unique flip flop with revolutionary technology where “design meets wellness” was produced.
 After Guy left Australian shores, so did the concept with Europeans enjoying the Ozify experience.


While Michael and Mark have placed hundreds of Ozify onto the feet of their patients the general public has never had the opportunity to get their feet into Ozify.


Ozify Thong Comes Home


The opportunity to bring Ozify flip flop back to its spiritual home and use the product as a social enterprise initiative, is hugely exciting.


We look forward to you joining us in doing something spectacular. Not only you will enjoy wearing Ozify for your own well-being and comfort but you will also contribute to the well-being of those Australians who are less fortunate via Soul to Soul.






Ozify Soul to Sole Giving Program
Ozify Soul to Sole Giving Program