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Podiatric biomechanists Dr Michael Kinchington PhD and Mark Ninio with more than 50 years of cumulative experience are the inventors of the Ozify Flip Flop.


Having witnessed tens of thousands of patients over many years of clinical practice they finally put their minds together, utilised the wishes of their patients who continually requested a fashionable flip flop  that "supports the foot and is good for the body" but also embodies Australian culture and lifestyle.




The result was Ozify:

  • A Flip Flop created to bridge the gap between orthopaedic sandals and basic thongs
  • Ozify’s unique design is based upon the principles of foot anatomy and walking biomechanics.
  • The first “wellness designed” dual density flip flop.
  • The arch contour, angle of heel cradle, heel elevation and unique contour to offer maximum foot, leg and lower back support.
  • Technology backed by World Registered design patents.
  • The Position and shape of the straps secures the foot within the flip flop like no other
  • Dual Density footbed offers cushioning and comfort. A unique offering in the world of Flip Flops
  • A revolutionary toe piece design enhances the efficiency of the great toe joint and smaller toes to reduce fatigue when walking
  • An EVA arch support with rearfoot angle optimises the foot position onto the Flip Flop





Ozify Postural Support

A revolutionary feature of the Ozify Flip flop is the use of an “angled arch cookie” imbedded into the midsole. This design gives the foot arch support, thereby stabilising the foot and enhancing posture.


Ozify Comfort

The Ozify insole is the only one of its kind in the market place. No other flip flop has this shape. Made from a soft EVA, the rearfoot shape is bolbous, to soften the impact of heel strike. The forefoot platform provides a mattress of supportive cushioning.


Ozify Design

The anatomically shaped inter-digital toe piece is an innovative improvement on other flip flops. The shape captures the contour between the 1st and 2nd toes to enable improved toe push off and even weight distribution between the toes.


The straps are positioned in a way to secure the foot.



Ozify Women
Ozify Women